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In these challenging times, we are grateful for family, friends, community, and books that engage our imaginations and help us grow.


This year continues to be a difficult one for all of us and especially for the children in the LOU community. LCLC is proud to serve as the Local Affiliate of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and raise funds to place free books directly into the hands and homes of local kids. We focus our enrollment efforts on low-income children and WE NEED YOUR HELP to sustain the program in our community.

If you believe in the importance of developing a love of reading in kids and the power of books to promote growth, give the GIFT of LITERACY today!


  • For just $25, a local child receives a quality, age-appropriate book in the mail every month for a year.

  • A $50 gift ensures that 2 local kids receive monthly books for a year.

  • A $100 gift ensures that 4 kids receive monthly books for a year.

  • A $500 gift provides 240 books to 20 kids across one year.

Why not give this gift in honor of a family member, friend, co-worker, librarian or teacher, too? Do your children or grandchildren love books? Give a gift in their names. We’ll let them know how your gift in their honor will make a difference in a child’s life right here in our community. If you'd like to give your gift in honor of someone for Christmas, please make your gift by December 11, 2020.


If your child receives or has received Dolly Parton's Imagination Library books, please consider paying it forward and give a gift. 


To make your gift:

(1) Complete and submit this Gift of Literacy 2020 Form.

(2) Follow the instructions on the form for your preferred method of payment.


THANK YOU for giving the GIFT of LITERACY! 

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Please be sure to submit the Gift of Literacy 2020 Form before clicking the Donate button.

The Lafayette County Literacy Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your gift may qualify as a tax-deductible donation for federal income tax purposes.

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